Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to The Phillips Project

          Welcome, as we move through this journey on what we do here as well as passing on some valuable information that you too can become better at being involved in music and film audio. We will discuss current projects as well as specifics about audio production for both music and film. Are goal here is to share information that will help you advance your skills and or career. 

          In the entertainment business it's not all about one person. It's about a lot of people working together to create something and letting each person do there part, but how do we even get to this point? Maybe by creating ideas or deciding you want to learn a specific trade. Either way this comes down to knowing other people with skills and talents that you yourself don't have. This is where people skills come into play. By meeting others with common goals to your own will help shape your career. It's called networking! Being able to share the talent you have with the world will almost always require someone else's help. This maybe the guy at music store selling you your first recorder or it maybe the person a crossed the hall taking marketing classes. So keep your eyes & ears open because its not always be about weather your guitar is in tune but weather or not you got a guitar player at all.  

                            Jason A Phillips

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