Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Freelance Audio Engineer

      A freelance audio engineer is someone who goes in business for themselves and does not work for a larger company. In order for someone to pursue this type of job you must be motivated and willing to work hard or hard than you would if you were working for someone else. Most people suggest working in the field professionally for a while before attempting to be a freelancer.
      You can start by enrolling into a college or volunteering your time to work in a studio for free. The main thing is that you know what your doing and have the skill to do what is asked of you. If you cannot do this, your clients will not be happy and will seek others to do their work for them. One site recommended at least four thousand hours of studio time. Other sites say to work even if you’re working for free.
     If you’re going to be a freelance engineer you must obtain your own equipment. This stuff can cost a lot of money so if you do not have an investor, plan on saving your money to get something worthwhile. Remember your competing against studios that have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear so plan wisely and preplan so you can expand easily.
      Networking, this is how you will obtain most if not all of your business. You need to know people and they need to know they can come to you. Meet everyone you can, they can be people in marketing, managers, engineers, producers, creative directors, songwriters, bands, record labels, or publishing companies. All of these people can help your business grow and you may need them to do work for you as well. You should also have social networking skills such as having a Facebook page, twitter, or any other social site available. Websites are a great way to make yourself look professional and is a great way for people to find out who you are and what you do. Networking can determine weather you stay in business or go out of business.
     Overall being a freelance engineer is a lot of work and can be very demanding. It can also be very rewarding. Taking on this task is hard work but if you know all these things and are good at them you will have no problem succeeding.

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