Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alternative Business Funding

There are many organizations other than seeking private investors to fund your start up. I am going to talk about a few different organizations and what they can do for you and your business. Federal funding is available in the form of grants or loans through the U.S. economic development administration. Two key components that drive this foundation are innovation and regional collaboration. This organization has seven different programs available. Organizations such as the community development venture capitalalliance offers consulting services to strengthen and support businesses. This organization is involved in start-ups, performance and operations, government programs and fund, as well as specialized training. The association for enterprise opportunity is in business to help small business develop and expand by being more effective and efficient. They provide training, capital, and related services to help you succeed. You can also get connected to a mentor through the AEO website. National CommunityInvestment Fund has information of new opportunities for needing investments, metrics, development, industry data, new connections, and much more.  They are the largest investor in mission-oriented banking industry. They tend to drive economic development in low-income communities.

Some requirements and qualifications that you must obtain are organizational leadership, having strong financial and social returns, or providing liquidity to equity. Sometimes companies are qualified for special tax credits. Extra consideration is given to those companies in distress with limited or poor credit history. It is important that these organizations have a vast network of professionals on all areas. By providing factsheets, statics, and reports allow those seeking investments to find data that will help in the success of their business. You can also find information in news reports or events that the organization allows members to attend. Most sites also provide videos of information and interviews that provide first hand experiences.  

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