Saturday, June 7, 2014

Managing an Artist

       It is important to understand what the product is and whom you are providing it to. You need to develop a plan to reach them, engage them, and create a support team. By understanding the market, the manager will direct the career of an artist though promotions. This includes a lot of marketing and having products to get to the fans. Being in tune to specific genera will help define an artist target market. Smaller areas of the market are called market segments. Big record labels usually focus on a broader view of the artist. This is left up to the artist manager to make sure these small segments are identified and implemented into benefit the artist.

      As a manager it is important to identify the brand and image. It is everything that connects the artist to the fans. The image is an expression of how the people feel about the artist. An emotional attachment is created from the music and performance. 

     The support team should include booking agents, attorney, publicist, and business advisors. Each one should be fluent in their particular area to get the most out of them. An artist should form an entity; weather a partnership, proprietorship, corporation, or LLC. Especially if you’re a band you want to know who owns songwriter credits, band name, or investments made by members in the group.

      One major thing an artist manager can do for his or her clients is to create a web base presence. This could include everything from just a photo of the band to having their own website. Generally social media is the first thing and easiest thing used to reach fans.

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