Saturday, September 21, 2013


             Here at The Phillips Project we like to help you with your project all the way to the end. Sometimes going into something with little or no knowledge can cause you to fear doing something. This is where we come in. Most musicians really focus on playing and writing music. They don’t really know about marketing and distribution or even care about learning it. Having many outlets for your music is important. It is also an easy way for fans to reach you. Not only having it accessible but out there for new fans to hear is a must. We make your music available on ITunes, Amazon, and many other music sites. We also help create advertising for your music to be heard. Your music should be copywritten and sent to your PRO. A few of the licenses you might consider for music are mechanical rights, performing rights, prints rights, synchronization rights, grand rights, or transcription rights. By registering you protect your music from other people. For advertising, one of the most important things you can do is create content. Deciding on what means of the material delivery will be can determine what format the content will be in. An example would be to deliver thought the Internet. That may require you to deliver your content in a PDF format where visiting a record label you might want a physical copy to hand someone. Your content needs to include things such things as photos, schedules, and contact information. Maybe even your next show. You also need to do this in a tasteful manor to grab the attention of the audience you are trying to reach. Sometimes the creation of visual content can be so good that you decide to copy right the material so only you can use it. This keeps your image clean from what others are doing. Having content representing you that show up on someone else project could damage your reputation. By having these copyright assigned to your work will reduce the chance of this happening.

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