Sunday, September 22, 2013



          The last post was about things we do for artist needing marketing and distribution. With today technology and the Internet many artist want to self-publish his or her own music. By doing so the artist gets total control over their product. Many artists like to have this control but it can also hurt your career if you don’t have much experience.
            The first thing you need to do is determine what each band member owns. Some examples are who owns the sound recordings, the music, the band or group name, and the business (your band or group).  You will also need to know who gets to make business, writing, and music decisions? Get a music attorney and get these things down on paper.
            Next you need to have a product. This is where you will record, edit, mix, master, design your cover, file copy rights, CD duplication, design your bio, create promotional samples, create a web presents, get business cards, and consider merchandising options. Each one of these things takes time to create. You must be well rounded and have a wide variety of skills to complete each of these task yourself. Some of these things will cost you money even if you do them yourself. Even if you decide you want to attempt doing self-distribution you may still want to think about hire others to do some of the tasks.
             The next step is to bundle all of your promotional items up to create a press kit. Be creative, give yourself a great image, and include contact information, sell yourself. Take this press kit to radio stations, clubs, retail stores, music labels, TV stations, agents, promotional firms, and anyone else you can think of to get yourself out to the public. At your gigs, pass out your business cards to people. Networking is extremely important. Don’t forget to sell your CD’s at the show either. Also, research who your target market will be. Get as many interviews and reviews as you can get.
             The last thing you should do is making submissions to publishing companies, corporate headquarters, major production companies, distributors, and any other major label you can think of. Be professional, give a lot of positive energy, have a great sound and image, and most of all be yourself.   

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