Sunday, November 16, 2014

EPK’s Otherwise known as Electronic Press Kits

Press Kits are used for music promotion, music publicity, booking agents, and music promotions. The press kit is typically sent with a band or artist demo to venue, booking agent or whoever your trying to get attention from. Local bands should target clubs and venues that support your genre of music.

The first component of a successful press kit is the cover page.  Introduce your band and genre of music. Display your logo and band name preferably in an eye-catching manor. The last thing you should add to the cover page is your contact information. Include your name, band name, phone number, address, E-mail address, website, and any other contact info.

The next page should be your artist Bio. Tell them about your band or act, genre of music, name the members, specific info about your band, style of music, how many people are in the band, name some quality places you’ve played, and the area you perform. Tell them what you need for your act and what you provide such as a sound guy, lights, or any thing else that relevant. Highlight any key information about your act. Tell them about your fan base if you have one and if you don’t have one let them know how you will bring people to your show, through promotions or advertising or any other means.

Band Photo’s are the next thing you should add. Having professional 8x10’s should be taken. If you cannot get pro pictures find the best ones you have and make them 8x10. Small pictures can be used and add description such as 10/10/14 @ such and such venue.

Add your equipment list next. Put this on it own page. Include band names, wattage of amps, and info about the PA if you have one. Find out if the venue you are seeking has sound and lighting as well as if they provide one.

Your booking information should include contact names, phone numbers, web address, e-mail, or fax.  Put this info all throughout your press kit as well as having a designated page. Put this info on your demo cd, flash drive, or any other device that has your music. Be choosy on what you give to who. A flash drive is not the best thing to give a bar owner but would be ok for a record or publishing company.

The demo should be CD, tape, or flash drive. Put on no more than three songs and make it your best material. Make sure you have a label with your band name, song titles, and booking info.  MAKE IT PROFESSIONAL!!

Make a song list of the music you perform including the best cover songs and original music.

Gig sheet should include where you have played and where you will be playing in the future.

Newspaper clippings & CD reviews should be added if you have some. If you don’t have any invite someone from a local college paper or city paper to review your show. This establishes creditability to your act so if you can get a copy of the original review in magazine or paper use it.

If you don’t have a business card for your band get one. You can get one nearly anywhere and for cheep.  Include them in your press kit and pass them out at shows.  Make sure you include your contact info.

  The difference between a Press Kit and an Electronic Press Kit is how it is delivered. A hard copy will have an envelope that should catch the attention of the club owner’s eye. An electronic press kit will be delivered electronically though e-mail or similar means. The EPK can be attached along with the music to an e-mail but will need to writer something to entice the reader to take action an open the PDF and down load the MP3’s directly. This can be done by a call to action or you can directly import your EPK into the e-mail itself. Find away for them to click a button right on the song list page that will start your music right then. The less effort they have to put in. The better off you will be.

Craft, Kimberly, M.M., J.D. ;  Entertainment Media Publishing & Distribution, Second Edition.

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