Sunday, October 6, 2013

Marketing Trends

         Mobile marketing has a few guidelines that are helpful. Since there are many different screen sizes for different devices it is important to create at least four different sizes that will fit most devices. Don’t over due the graphics. It is important and should only use one or two images per banner. Make the call to action obvious for the user. And lastly keep innovating.

       Next I will list five steps to creating an ad campaign. First you should ensure the ad server is supporting the web content. Next you should take full advantage of the HTML5 tool kit. For step three you should enable the track behavior. Step four you should test the material and the last step you should complete the interaction.

       Some other important steps are designing the ad by adding specs, increase the user experience, and engage the consumer. Test the ad performance to make sure the user is effective in how and where the ad is placed. It’s important to find out what results you are getting from what you already created. You should ask if the content itself is good and to make sure you are innovated. Nobodies interested in yesterday’s ideas so keep it fresh and interesting.

          The last thing I will talk about is evoking an emotional response with MMS. First you should define your core objectives. Content is king so make it the best. Gaining permission is from users helps build loyalty.

       For any of these things you must put your audience first. Make sure it will fill their needs. The image is what will attract them to what you have to offer. By changing the layout of the elements of your content will allow for you to gain interest from your audience. The layout must be reliable and easy to navigate. Typography content must be extremely easy to use and read. This mean the type of font and size you use. 

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